CRN Case Study of ICAN Solution Small Business Solution


A Cure for the Common Woe

CRN Case Study in March Edition tells the story how ICAN Solution brings the IT Solution within small business budget for clients. 

CRN has interviewed ICAN long term client Max Wilson, the CEO of Arts, Communications, Finance Industries and Property Services (ACFIPS), an industry training advisory body, working with several industries on vocational training. One of ACFIPS' major roles is to operate a website with information on its member industries broken into submenus by industry. They have to  expand into new system to cope with the added industries. It's a very mixed group of industries so the website and the system have to cover all those industries and manage a diverse group. One of IT challenge is managing spreadsheets for events, registrations, contacts and industry publications. So Max turned to his long-term IT adviser - ICAN Solution for assistance. ICAN's solution to ACFIPS was a web-based CRM system, e-Commerce integrated website. It solved event, registration, contacts management and publication management problem. It greatly improved the productivity and brought customer services to a new level...

"Integration for small clients is something they can't afford", but we deliver it to small to medium size businesses and keep the cost down...