Integrated CRM Solution for Soccatoos


ICAN successfully launch an integrated online CRM system for Soccatoos - Preschoolers Soccer Fun! Here we see what have been changed: 

In the past 

  • It was a headache to manage and publish more hundreds program for next term! 
  • Website was hard to manage and update the new programs and information. 
  • Website only took booking without checking the availability and no one wanted to use it. 
  • A few admin staffs had to sit in the office taking booking from phone. 
  • It was headache to manage all payments, credit notes and adjustment manually! 
  • Never know how much account receivable and how is booking situation without thoroughly spreadsheet checking. 
  • Boss couldn't leave office for one day as no one knew what was going on in the business...

Now what they've achieved

  • 99% customers book and pay online!
  • Online booking can do real-time checking for all availability. 
  • Online booking apply all discounts automatically, such as early bird discount, sibling discount and renewal discount. 
  • Customers allow to book program at anytime during terms and only pay for rest of sessions - don't miss any opportunity!
  • All customer's profiles are managed and traceable. 
  • Easy manage client's credit note and promotional coupons distributing. 
  • Auto email notifications keep customer and staffs informed. 
  • Template based programs management makes programs creating and updating much easier. 
  • The admin staffs are released from office and work in fields with kids. 
  • E-marketing facility make communications and marketing promotion much easier. 
  • Real-time business reports give graphic views on all programs and venues performance. 
  • Business service level lifting by all auto management and service improvement. 

Client is over the moon with so much business improvement. Are you interested to improve your business performance with integrated CRM solution? Call us today 02 9412 2005 for a free consultation or email