Integrated Website & CRM Solution for Taxpayer Australia Ltd


ICAN has successfully launched an integrated Cloud-based CRM and website system for Taxpayer Australia Ltd. After a decade-long on the desktop based iMIS system, Taxpayer Australia has moved into a new era. The system has integrated CRM, business management system and website e-commerce into one central management system. It has not only successfully improved the work efficiency but also improved the online customer services with online membership register/renewal, online electronic resource access management and e-commerce.  

The new integrated system has highlighted as below: 

  • The new website integrated the previous two legacy websites into one comprehensive website. 
  • CRM system manages potential customers & members, including their contacts details, profile, past purchase history and behaviours. 
  • Online event booking and management system 
  • Online Customer Portal 
  • Comprehensive membership registration and auto-renewal system 
  • Online Knowledgebase with accessing privilege control 
  • Online electronic subscription management 
  • Online and offline publication distributing and management 
  • E-marketing and email engine system 
  • Real-time business reporting system 

The new system has definitely reduced all double workload which between website service and back-end management system. It brings a brand new platform for all members. 

TAI Website