ICAN launchs an integrated CRM and Online Business Management System for Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association


The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) represents professional pest managers across Australia, sets standards for the pest management industry, and provides information to consumers on urban pest control. They also administer PestCert, your guarantee that a pest management company meets the highest possible accreditation standards. AEPMA has very big database, complicated professional membership, technician managements, qualification management and CPD training/events appraisals, etc. AEPMA not only serve the public users in the pest management needs but also serve the industry and maintain the industry standard. 

With ICAN integrated CRM and Business Management system, AEPMA moves from previous manual processing and management to the Cloud-based online management. The website not only serves the public users to find a qualified pest manager but also serve the industry from online membership management, online appraisals management and events/conference management, etc. The highlight features of the integrated CRM, Business Management System & Website include: 

  • Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management System 
  • Membership Management & Auto Renewal System 
  • Event/Conference Management System 
  • E-Marketing & Email Engine Management System 
  • Pest Knowledge-base Management System 
  • Real-time Business Reports System 

AEPMA Website