For Legal Services

ICAN has worked with legal service firms for near ten years. 

Legal Services

ICAN has worked with Commercial Law Associations for near ten years. ICAN has been actively involved in CLA various activities, assisting on deploying latest technologies for legal services. ICAN has also provided IT services for  law firms on different projects. 

Integrated IT Solution

ICAN has provided an integrated IT solution to Macpherson Greenleaf Lawyers with IT infrastructure package and online Job Management system. 

The IT package we provided includes a domain controlled network, file server, backup solution, anti-virus protection, Google application deployment, VPN configuration. This package is flexible and convenient for a small legal office. 

Online Job Management System is legal document service online extension. The system provides e-Commerce facility for some legal document services. 

Online Survey 

ICAN has also provided various online survey services to legal firm. ICAN has recently provided an online survey service for Wiley Legal and Consulting. ICAN also provided survey result by different forms of report as required. ICAN is very strong on data mining and analysis based on the marketing and survey data collected. 

IT Support 

In the past years, ICAN has also provided various IT services and support to different legal firms and personnels.