For Association

We work with associations as an IT partner. We help them plan and build work processing. 

Industry Associations and Not-for-profit Organisations

iCAN has worked closely with industry association and not-for profit organisation for more than 10 years. We understand their processes and requirements. We help them to improve work efficiency and maximise services available for association members. We not only working as an IT service or software development company; we work as their IT partner helping to plan, align technology, improve work efficiency and provide business and IT consulting.

The Commercial Law Association Australia Ltd (CLA)

The CLA is recognised as a leader in the provision of quality legal education in the legal and business sector. iCAN has worked with CLA for almost 10 years. The CLA has the latest technology which lets them better serve their members. iCAN customised the IT solution including daily IT service and maintenance as well as their business management system including Member Management, Event Management, e-Commerce, Legislative Review Task Force activity, social network integration, webinar setting etc. 

Customised Customer Relationship (CRM)

Customised CRM system is a web-based system that is specifically designed for association management and operation. The CRM system is the core of iCAN's business management system. It is actively linked with all other modules, such as e-Commerce, Member Management System and Event Management System.

  • All contact details are recorded in the system
  • The system has a duplication check
  • Every member’s status and grouping status is recorded in the system
  • Every contact's behaviour such as correspondence history, communication records and purchase history are all recoded and tagged with a personalised record.

Member management system

Event management and online booking system

e-Marketing System

e-Commerce System

Publication Management System

Social Network Integration 

Webinar Setting and deployment

Arts, Communications, Finance Industries and Property Services Ltd (ACFIPS)

ACFIPS is an Industry Training Advisory Body (ITAB) that is one of 11 organisations providing an advisory service to the NSW Department of Education and Training. ACFIPS provides critical advice  assistance to the NSW Department of Education and training (DET) on the operations of the vocational education and training needs in NSW. ICAN designed and implemented the ACFIPS computer network system, and continues to provide IT service and support. iCAN also  developed a web-based business management system, customised to the needs of ACFIPS. 

The web-based Management System included such features as:

  • Online customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Register Training Organisation (RTO) online management system
  • Event Management system


The web-based management system effectively improved ACFIPS work efficiency. It also provided a live window to the industry for information publishing, sharing and networking. It effectively brought the latest news to RTOs and allowed them their own window on the ACFIPS website. The event management system ran successfully and saved a huge administrative effort when organising events. 

Business Skills Victoria (BSV)

BSV is an Industry Training Board (ITB) in Victoria. BSV is a not-for-profit organisation whose stakeholders are industry peak bodies. It conducts research and consultations to identify training needs for its industries. iCAN developed the web-based management system and website for BSV. It presents career opportunities and training packages in a better way. The website was well designed and presented a window to the public. Further, the management system improved the work efficiency for BSV's daily work processing. iCAN also brought in various online training services and remote IT support for BSV.