For Horticulture

iCAN has worked on various projects within the horticultural industry. 

Horticultural Industry 

iCAN has worked in the agriculture and horticulture area for more than six years. We have provided various IT solutions to meet the business needs of this specalised industry. 

Horticulture Australia Ltd (HAL)

Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is a not-for-profit, industry-owned company. HAL invests almost $90 million annually in programs designed to align with the strategic investment priorities of Australia’s horticulture industries and the Australian Government’s Rural Research and Development priorities. iCAN has worked as an IT outsourced company with Horticulture Australia Ltd for more than five years. We managed all IT-related needs for HAL's head office and branch offices covering each state. The major work iCAN has done in the past few years with HAL includes:

  • Design and implement network
  • Server virtualisation
  • Backup and recovery solution
  • Disaster recovery solution design 
  • Project management 
  • Help desk

Server Virtualisation 

As their business grew, HAL expanded from an initial 20 staff to more than 70 staff. The branch offices workload also increased and expanded in each state. Including the legacy servers in the network, HAL servers increased from two servers to 14 servers. Confusion started to set in. To minimise the risk of a business continuity problem, iCAN planned and designed for server virtualisation as part of HAL's business continuity plan. Virtualisation implementation went smoothly without interrupting the business process. It greatly improved network work efficiency and reduced the risk of business discontinuity. 

Project management - HALO ERP system 

iCAN participated in HAL ERP system - HALO implementation. From tendering through to commissioning, and as the part of the project management team, iCAN took responsibility for all technical issues. As an experienced database developer team, we were also responsible for 10 years worth of HAL project/corporate data migration. 

Nursery and Gardening Industry Australia (NGIA)

iCAN's technical director Kevin Tang was also the main force on NGIA accreditation database management system. The database system covered thousands of nursery organisation's accreditation processing and management. The database system provides a web-based interface which is accessible at all times.