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We can produce an integrated web solution for all your listed properties.

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iCAN has worked with Ray White providing a web-based solution for some of its agents. iCAN provided a web-based solution with a strong Content Management System, Search Engine Optmised option and integrated Listing Management system. The key features were: 

  • Centralised Database Management System 
  • Auto Synchronising each agent's website and all other major real estate websites 
  • eNewsletter Management System 
  • Content Management System (CMS)

With iCAN's CMS, each agent can have full control over the whole website structure. They can freely change website structure by adding new web pages, deleting pages, defining a different form or module, adding images or documents as they like. They can monitor the key words and modify key words anytime based on search engine reports. They can print out each property's web-visiting report for each vendor.  

Search Engine Optimise Achievement

iCAN believes genuine search engine optimisation bring true benefits to our clients. The fake clicking may improve your search engine ranking temporarily, but it doesn't bring the genuine clients to your website. iCAN's CMS is a maximised Search Engine Optimised system. Our Ray White website's Google Search results show that all listed properties of the website are on the top few positions on Google. This is a wonderful achievement so soon after the new website launch. 

iCAN also provides a Google Search Report for each listed property. Each report shows listed property page viewing, visitors geographic distribution, visitor staying time, bouncing rate and various internet activity indicators related to this particular property are recorded. The real estate agent can view and produce a powerful and comprehensive report related to a particular property for each vendor with just one easy click. 

Some of our recent projects with Ray White agents are:

Ray White Cronulla

Ray White Cronulla is one of the largest and longest established agents in the Sydney southern shire. With our integrated web solution, they have greatly improved their work efficiency and productivity. All property listings are only lodged once and updated automatically on all major real estate websites and their own website. Unique Search Engine Optmised CRM gives them a fantastic search engine ranking and attracts more visitors to their website. 

Ray White City South

Ray White City South has a successful track record in both residential and retail/commercial real estate. iCAN's integrated web solution has solved their long-term property list synchronisation problem. They've save a huge amount of time and effort on publishing property listings to different website and generating reports. 


Ray White Domain Harbourside

As a small office, work efficiency and productivity has been the key to running their business efficiently. iCAN also provides various IT services and consulting to Domain Harbourside and helps them gain more internet exposure and Search Engine optimisation.