For Retail & Services

We work with retail and service businesses to boost their sales and improve service by utilising technology. 

Retail and services 

iCAN has worked with many retail and service businesses. We have provided a complete IT solution for these business including network and IT services, and business management systems. 


Keerati Online Shop

Keerati is a traditional Thai herbal treatment and skincare retail shop in Chatswood. They bring Thai culture and traditional herbal remedies to Australia.

 iCAN assisted Keerati with a web-based business management system and online marketing service. The web-based management system uses their website as a public communication platform and back-end business management system, that includes email campaigns, an e-Newsletter, e-Commerce, CRM & CMS, etc. 

The system includes these major features: 

  • Online Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Search Engine Optmised Content Management System (CMS)
  • eCommerce system 
  • emarketing facilities - eNewsletter, online campaign, etc
  • Online booking system 

OneCall Property Services Network 

OneCall provides a large range of trades and services to corporate offices and retail chains nationally along with State and Federal government departments. Their major clients include Australia Post, Defence House, National Museum of Australia and David Jones. 

Online business portal 

Before ICAN's came along, OneCall spent weeks on project/account summaries each month. It took a long time for them to get their financial status and client reports together. iCAN developed an online business portal and management system for them where project management and financial status are managed in real-time. Quotation/job request, management, billing processing are all online. The business status, project management and billing status are all monitored in real-time. The portal includes three major sections: 

OneCall management zone: the system provided a OneCall administrator or manager with online business processing. They can access and generate business data and reports anytime anywhere. 

Client zone: provided each client with their own account and interface. They can manage their quotation, job and billing under this portal. It greatly reduces the complications of property management issues. One account provides all report and services needs.

Contractor zone: provided each contractor with their own account and interface. Each contractor can manage their business online via the portal. They submit their quotation, job sheet and invoicing online. The portal also provides business reporting and job status.