iCAN web-based software will improve your business productivity.


Our consultants bring a broad architectural knowledge, wide-ranging technical skills and best-practice expertise to the software solutions you need. You can rely on our consultants to integrate your new solution as quickly as possible. Across the years we have developed a number of modular web-based applications that form the basis of our various products. We can analyse your business requirements and customise our products and modules to tailor a solution for you. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a tailored service offering customised software and quick implementation without big capital investment.

Hosting service solutions

You can purchase a hosting service for all iCAN products. That means you can save on a huge, upfront capital investment to get your business management system up and running, then pay as you go. iCAN hosting services provide corporate-level service at a small cost. Our hosting services include: 

  • Customisation based on your business logic and requirements 
  • System hosting service - high bandwidth guarantee
  • Security and backup service
  • Technical support and staff training 

Customised solutions

iCAN provides customised solutions to fit in your business. You get dedicated service and a tailored system at low cost. 

Our major products are: 

iCAN's various web-based business modules can be customised to fit your business.

Talk to our consultants to tailor one for your business. 

If you are interested in more iCAN customised business applications, please contact us.

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