We provide customised business application modules and analyse your business data for you. 

Other modules and products

Based on our clients' requirements, iCAN has also developed various products and modules for each different business as required. They include: 

Online Job Management

iCAN's Online Job Management system is a job tracking and processing system. It is an excellent job collaboration and tracking platform. It is also a centralised document management system for related job management. 

Event Management System

iCAN's Event Management System can give you an online booking, event management and publishing system. iCAN gives you the tools to improve your event management system, such as organise event/seminar material for sale, event DVD sale, online event participation(Webinar), etc.

Membership Management System

iCAN's Online Membership Management system provides a powerful membership management tool. It will simplify your membership management and administration. The automatic email notification function will save you huge amounts of time spent on membership management, renewal processing and member benefit distribution. 

Online Business Portal 

iCAN's Online Business Portal gives you a real business opportunity. It will facilitate your business processing, provide a convenient portal access to your clients, contractors and business administrators. It gives you real-time business reports. It will save you from mountainous amounts of paperwork and improve your work efficiency and productivity. 

Specific Knowledge Base Module

iCAN provides specific knowledge-based development. We provide a customised service covering development and deployment for your specific knowledge base system. 

Online Course Management

iCAN provides Online Course Management for your organisation's training needs. This module gives you control of student enrolment, course material publishing, course discussion and Q&A publishing. Students will have their own login to the course management centre for downloading course material and asking questions. 

Online Business Reporting 

iCAs Online Business Reporting System give you any form of report you require. You can have your business reports online all the time. Why wait a week to get one business report when you can get online business reports anytime? 

We provide customised business application development and service. Talk to our consultants for your customised business modules.