Application Services

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Application services

What business challenges are you facing? You might still: 

  • Work on old spreadsheets and struggle with increasing data and complexity
  • Face the headache of how to synchronise a few branches/warehouses/shops data
  • Take a long time to get your business data or financial data ready
  • Be unable to get a suitable customer relationship management system that exactly fits your business needs

Real-time business management 

iCAN application services are web-based services. We give you the latest technological advantages to overcome legacy systems. You can access your business software and important business information anywhere anytime.

What we offer …

We provide consulting, delivery expertise, advanced technologies and accelerators in solution design, development and integration.  

  • Evaluation and assessment – application assessment services focus on evaluating the current application environment with regard to risks, issues, constraints, adherence to business requirements and best practices for coding and ease of maintenance.
  • Application development
  • Business application modernisation services
  • Complex systems integration
  • Portals - web portals allow partners, employees and customers to choose according to their user experience, with personalised applications based on role, context, actions, location, preferences and team collaboration needs. 
  • Data migration and integration - we help you to bring your historic data across to and integrate with a new business system
  • e-Commerce applications – e-Commerce solutions that connect buyers and sellers through B2C and B2B online business channels, provide integration to back-end applications and provide integration to payment solutions. Your business will benefit from services ranging from strategy through to design and implementation based on iCAN e-Commerce systems. 

Customised System to your business 

We customise any system to your business. You get what you need to minimised the culture impact to your business. It is easy to use and follow your business logic. 

Talk to iCAN for your customised application services, including website, customised database, business management system, etc.