Customised CRM

Tailored for your business 

Customised CRM

How do you manage your customer's data? How do you communicate with your customer? How do you use your existing customer's data to make business decision? You might still face a few problems : 

  • Have customer's data spread in various source and struggle to consolidate them
  • Still use Spreadsheet to manage business data and struggle with increasing data and complexity 
  • Take a long time to get your business data or financial data ready
  • Have a CRM system separated from other business management module and hard to synchronise
  • Sales team can't access latest data when they are outside 
  • Have a system in placed but staff can't accept it due to usage difficulty 
  • Be unable to get a suitable customer relationship management system that exactly fits your business needs

Integrated CRM Solution  

Business need an integrated solution with business data centralised managed. ICAN provides an integrated CRM solution, which integrate with your website, e-Commerce, leads management, project management, sale management, business reporting system. All customer data will be managed in one centralised database. The business data can be published and pushed to your website, sale team interface, client's portal and management team interface. 

Integrated CRM Solution

Why Customised CRM? 

Every business is unique. You will have your own business logic, business processing and terms you use. Applying CRM to business is great improvement to business, but it is also a culture change for all staff. How system designed and whether it is user-friendly are very important when you choose a right CRM system. You might not get a module which you require or you might have to change your normal processing to adapt the pre-designed CRM. Quite often you find 80% of software you might never you, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. It is common problem for all pre-designed software. 

For customised CRM, you have the system designed for your business logic and processing. You will get maximum flexibility when you go for a customised CRM, as it is designed for you. 


ICAN has been working in the various industries for customsised CRM solution, which include non-for profit organisation, agriculture business, associations, retailing business, professional service business, manufacturers, etc. Our professionals listen to your needs, design system for your business, deliver to your staff and grow with your business. We provide comprehensive service and leading edge technology. 
  • Assessment and evaluation: We would analyse your business requirements, process, provide professional advice and build up module which fit your business. 
  • System integration: We would help you to consolidate all your business data, integrate your website and other legacy programs in used. 
  • Data Migration: We will migrate your historical business data into new system to ensure your business continuity. 
  • Business grow consulting: We provide advice on future extension,  new business idea or technolgy trend which might related to your business growth. 
  • Long term support and training: We provide free training to your staff and here to support you. 

Pay as you go

You pay for the application services you use.

Talk to iCAN for your customised application services, including website, customised database, business management system, etc.