CRM Solution for non-for-profit organisation

Integrated CRM Solution for not-for-profit Organisation

ICAN has worked closely with non-for-profit organisations for more than 10 years. We have seen a lot of associations grow with the technology update rapidly in this modern life. By adopting the right technology and system, the non-for-profit organisations lead their way in the industry. This solution is designed for this specific industry. 

Integrated CRM Solution 

The association has huge member's data and other information. Hence integrated CRM solution with consolidated database is key to association management. Integrate CRM to website, membership management system, event management system, e-marketing facility, e-Commerce system and Publication Management system is important. You don't need to worry about the duplication or synchronisation of your business data. With integrated solution, you will have a fluent business work flow and all data associated are linked together and up-to-date. 
  • Manage all accounts' profile and historic activities 
  • Manage and trace leads 
  • Member management 
  • Event management 
  • E-Marketing and communication system 
  • E-Commerce System 
  • Publication Management and Distributing System 
  • Website integration 
  • Social Network integration 

Member management system

Member management is critical to association management. iCAN's Membership Management System is specifically designed for association management. The system provides a comphrensive membership management facility. It also provides broad benefits and services to members in the member centre area. The services include:

  • Online Member Network
  • Member resource availability
  • Auto membership renewal system
  • Member newsletter service
  • Member survey service
  • Member event booking service

Event management and online booking system

Events are important activities for most associations. An event/seminar management system makes this job much easier for the CLA. An online seminar booking facility allows users to book seminars at any time. The event/seminar management system allows the association administrator/manager to manage event/seminar information, publish information and manage reporting much more easily. The manager can monitor the event status in real-time and get real-time reporting. iCAN also provided online event activities such as webinars, event video online sales etc.

e-Marketing System

Traditional marketing methodologies are not the only approach to marketing now. Especially for associations, eMarketing becomes more and more important. eMarketing tools including eNewsletter, email campaign, online survey, online promotion and other online activities which are attractive to users. iCAN provides various eMarketing methodologies and facilities. We also assist associations to manage and raise online campaigns and provide eMarketing advisory and consulting. 

e-Commerce System

iCAN's e-Commerce system provides a secure and active eBusiness channel for associations. The CLA's eCommerce system greatly improved the CLA's work efficiency and generated more income for the association. More and more members prefer to book seminars online. The CLA also sell its publication online. As new technology developed, the CLA brought seminar video online for sale.  

Publication Management System

A lot of association's provide members with journals. Online publication is another way to market the association and improve association services.

Website & Social Network Integration 

We provide professional website design with CRM integrated. 

We provide social network integration 

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