CRM Solution

Cloud-based CRM allows managing of your business anywhereany time. The system integrates your customer data into a singular database, including your customers' contact details, group status, activities, orders and other historic data. Activities, orders and other data related to a customer can be tagged as required, giving you a real time CRM system.

ICAN CRM can also provide:

  • Real-time snapshot of key information  
  • Integrated with core business management system or ERP
  • Easy access via mobile devices with real-time data feed to sale managers on the road  

ICAN Cloud-based CRM will allow access to your business's core information wherever you are. This business management system will revolutionise information access throughout your business, delivering the key business benefits:

  • Increased sales and improved efficiency
  • Reduced administrative costs and a better management 
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Business Application 

Cloud-based business application services give you the latest technological advantages to overcome outdated systems. You can access your business software and important information anywhere, anytime. We provide consulting, delivery expertise, advanced technologies and accelerators in solution design, development and integration. ICAN also customises any system to your business.

  • Evaluation and assessment – application assessment services evaluate the current application environment regarding risks, issues, constraints, best practices for coding and maintenance and more!
  • Application development
  • Business application modernisation services
  • Complex systems integration
  • Portals - portals allow partners, employees and customers to choose user experiences, with personalised applications based on role, context, actions, location, preferences and team collaboration needs
  • Data migration and integration - we help you to transfer and integrate old data with a new business system
  • E-Commerce applications – benefit from services ranging from strategy to design and implementation based on iCAN e-Commerce systems

Managed IT Service

ICAN’s Managed IT services offer your business proactive support. We will identify and prevent problems before they occur, minimising complications. ICAN’s IT support staff can plan when software is upgraded and updated, offer advice on times when these actions should be performed, in order to minimise network downtime and crashes, improve your businesses performance. Outsourcing your IT department is advantageous because it:

  • reduces your business costs
  • is more accommodating than employing in-house IT staff
  • allows more flexible hours for IT support
  • increases the speed at which new technology can be implemented

Managed IT services will offer:

  • proactively rectify potential issues before they deteriorate into downtime
  • regular monitoring of business network infrastructure to ensure maximal productivity
  • protect the information that drives your business, stay confident with iCAN security services
  • provide multiple backup solutions including cloud services 
  • provide consultancy for business applications, strategy and maintain high standard KPI 

Cloud Based Services 

Cloud based solutions are services available on-demand, such as computer networks, storage, applications and resources dependant on the internet and through other provider’s shared cloud infrastructure.

ICAN’s Cloud-based Solution provides you multiple options to transfer some or all of business service or data to cloud. We tailor it for small business to medium size of business with flexible option. We help you move into Cloud with your business progress. It will benefit your business by:

  • increasing functionality and allowing easier access to business services and information at any time
  • increasing storage capacity without huge hardware investment
  • minimising maintenance and lowering cost for in-house IT staff
  • improving business connection and flexibility
  • allowing your business to smoothly scale up or down when needed, using pay-as-you-go subscription
  • protecting and automatically backing up your data, enhance data security 

Website Design and Development

ICAN provides website design and development service serving different business requirements. Professional website design enhance business public presentation and brand awareness. ICAN extends the website to a business service platform by integrating the website with business application and many functional components. It includes: 

  • integration with CRM providing real-time business information
  • e-commerce module turnng website to an online shop
  • e-marketing module making website an active marketing tool
  • online customer portal providing 24/7 service 
  • integration with conference management module
  • integration with project management module 
  • comprehensive CMS giving you full control over the website content management 
  • SEO service allowing you update key-words, business descriiption at anytime 
  • integrated with Google Analytics providing a full website visiting statistic report, knowing customers' interest. 



ICAN has been actively involved in our clients' marketing and sales service for many years. We can help you in areas such as online marketing, planning, strategy, promotion and sales. Integrate the campaign with the website, create and distribute a broadcast email campaign, provide reports and maximise communication with your customers. 

Some things we can provide your business with are: 

  • active e-marketing planning and strategies
  • integrate the e-marketing data with existing CRM and business applications
  • informative e-Newsletters distributing
  • active online campaigns and surveys
  • targeted email campaigns and analysis
  • contacts group/listing management
  • real-time statistic report, monitoring and tracking system 
  • marketing data analysis, data mining and reporting
  • sales, marketing and positive business image through social network


ICAN provides an e-Commerce solution that is secured and efficient. The product includes these major features:

  • manage different products, e.g. merchant products, electronic products and services
  • inventory management system
  • ordering, shipping and dispatching management
  • event registration management 
  • shopping cart management 
  • gift purchasing management 
  • online campaigns with multiple discount strategies
  • online payment and sales reporting systems

The e-commerce module can be customised for you, it can also fit into different products and sale modules. ICAN e-commerce module will benefit you by: 

  • generating more income by promoting facilities and methodologies 
  • promoting online sales and giving your clients a better online shopping experience
  • improving work efficiency 

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