Associations management solution

ICAN has worked closely with industry associations and non-for-profit organisations for more than 15 years. We have a deep understanding of the organisation operation. ICAN offers an integrated solution to help the organisation improve work efficiency and maximise member benefits by providing the versatile services and platform. The solutions includes major modules as below:

  • Customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Member management system with online registration and auto renewal service
  • Event & Conference management
  • E-Marketing and communication system
  • Journal and publication management system
  • Online training management
  • Continue professional development management
  • Online awards and scholarship management 
  • Financial and business report management

Dental Lab Management Solution

ICAN has worked with various dental labs and clinics for many years and provided a comprehensive IT service and solutions to their business operation. It includes customised business applications managing the full cycle of job processing. IDentalLab is a Cloud-based dental job processing and management system:

  • allow clinics to submit job request online via customer portal
  • visulise the job sheet with interactive diagram, simplify the online application 
  • easily share the technical images and document via online portal 
  • automates the job processing with due date reminding and alert
  • facilitates the communications between the lab and dentists
  • easily track job status, due date, historic records with real-time log
  • provide real-time business and financial reports 

Properties Services Management Solution

ICAN Properties Services management solution is an ideal all-in-one solution to strata management, properties services management and tradies jobs management. This cloud-based management solution covers quotation, job processing, billing, financial and business reporting. The portal provides three major sections:

Project management zone: the system covers job management, clients and contractor managements. It covers a full cycle of job management from quotation, job assign, job processing & completion, billing and reporting. The staff can access real-time business data and reports at anytime, anywhere.

Client zone: Clients can manage the quotation, job and billing under client online portal and monitor job progress and status.

Contractor zone: Contractors can manage their quotes, job sheets and submit attendance, before and after photos via mobile phones. They can also manages invoices, payment and reports via online contractor portal. 

Online Learning Management Solution

ICAN online learning and training system provides a comprehensive solution, which includes:

  • CRM – manage all contacts’ profiles, activities, orders and historic records
  • Knowledge-base management – categorised resources management allows you manage huge database all different data formats including text, audio and videos teaching resources
  • Learning progress management – system provides learning status records, teacher and students interaction, trainers and trainees’ interaction during the learning progress.
  • Online Activities Management – The system also enables online exam, online competition management.
  • System also provides electronic certificate upon the course completion and CPD points management 
  • Reporting – real-time comprehensive reports can be accessed at anytime from any where  

Pets service Management Solution

This is an ideal business management solution to pets services and boarding businesses. The system offers cloud-based management for dog training, pets service & boarding booking, quote and billing management, etc.

  • Online service and boarding booking facility opens 24/7 service window to customers.
  • CRM provides customers and their pets profile and service records in one central spot.  
  • Improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction  
  • Increase revenue by open online services
  • Reduce the cost by streamline the service and boarding processing with high efficiency
  • Provide a real-time business and financial reports.  

Club/studio management Solution

If you are running a sport club or art studio, this is the right solution to you. The integrated CRM and business management application will enhance your business by

  • Improving customer satisfaction via 24/7 online services
  • Providing customer/membership accounts and profile management
  • Providing flexible online booking facilities by terms/sessions, ensuring your income all year round
  • Providing online enrolment processing and automatically applying early bird, group booking, family booking discount and other specific business logistics
  • Providing an online renewal facility and automatic email notification system
  • Providing an online shop – this increases sales by promoting merchandise, gift cards and vouchers
  • Providing online court hiring, appointment booking and payment system
  • Providing a complete real-time Business Report, analysis system and diagrams
  • Franchise Management facilities

Managed IT Service Solution

ICAN managed IT service solution is built on a proactive management methodology.

We work proactively to rectify potential issues before they deteriorate into downtime.

We work with you to align latest technological deployment to your business.

We provide consultancy for business applications, IT strategies and planning to maintain high KPI.

We are your true IT partner.

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